2014 Fiat Strada Review and Price

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2014 Fiat Strada Review and Price – This is the latest information about the 2014 Fiat Strada release date, interior, exterior, price, and engine. Luxury cars are reaching new heights in terms of elegance, has elegant shape, quality, and performance of the car is very suitable for driving. This year, Fiat brand has issued a new car. That’s why latestcarrelease.com will provide the most accurate information about the 2014 Fiat Strada.

2014 Fiat Strada Front View Angel 2014 Fiat Strada Review and Price

2014 Fiat Strada are available beneath Italian dealerships on the end on January 2012. Made in the FIASA plant beneath Betim (Brazil), the new sort may follow beneath the footsteps of South America’s leading gentle transport vehicle. No fewer than 127,800 when it comes to provided worldwide, the Fiat Strada remained the second most popular Fiat Advanced model after the Fiat Ducato beneath 2011.The 2014 Fiat Strada comes in 3 outfits (Working, Hike, Adventure) and 3 frame types (Quick Cab, Lengthy Cab, Crew Cab) with regard to a total of eight different versions. The largest advance is the exposure on the Crew Cab edition (with regard to Working and Adventure variety), which can comfortably contain four persons and maintaining one filling capacity of off to 650 kg at the equal time

2014 Fiat Strada Price

2014 Fiat Strada Prices (prior to tax) variety from 12,900 euros with regard to the 95 HP 1.3 MultiJet 16v Acting Single Cab edition to be able to 16,000 euros for the top-of-the-range 95 HP 1.3 MultiJet 16v Stimulation Crew Cab version.

2014 Fiat Strada Front View 2014 Fiat Strada Review and Price

2014 Fiat Strada Interior

The 2014 Fiat Strada within plenty of warmth inside for occupants and is actually very very carefully developed throughout. This is demonstrated by the teenage upholstery, the brand-new dashboard and the original obvious, easy-to-read instruments. Ergonomic, ant submarining seat, the height-adjustable steering wheel (standard on Trekking and Stimulation) and the temperature control computer (standard on Stimulation) make travelling and working on the Fiat Strada extra pleasant, comfortable and healthy.

The current double cab Strada has two doors. The additional rear suicide door is reportedly placed on right side of the vehicle and that probably explains the heavy camouflage.

Other aspects of the Strada are expected to undergo very minor changes. The headlamps, grill, bumpers and taillamps would subtly change. Interiors of the current Strada will likely continue without drastic changes.

2014 Fiat Strada Front 2014 Fiat Strada Review and Price

2014 Fiat Strada Exterior

A powerful point on the Fiat Strada is its large rear bag, which is 1685 mm lengthy (1332 mm upon long cab variety, 1082 upon crew cab versions), and 1300 mm heavy (1070 mm between wheel arches). Large and to a continuous condition to create it easy to be able to exploit to be able to the whole, it is provided with scratch-resistant safety lining supposed to endure extreme temperatures. The 2014 Fiat Strada style expresses the image of heavy, dynamic and functional car capable of good performance and so low costs. Front end is just one of the most noticeable developments of the new sort. The even worse, no-nonsense bumper offers a replenished design with both air vents right now business beneath a single square box and the new lights (single-lens with regard to the Working outfit and double-lens with regard to the Trekking). Much more assertive is actually the front on the Stimulation version: fresh paint in matching frame colour it offers a darker grille and chrome-plated add framed through an insert that continues on the wheel foot protection. The included fog lights are usually installed in the base. The Long Cab and Personnel Cab versions make lengthwise ceiling bars and spoiler with included third braking system light beneath addition to plenty of hall in the passenger box.

2014 Fiat Strada Engine

With a powerful 95 HP 1.3 MultiJet 16v Euro 5 engine, the sort is either versatile and multifunctional. Here is demonstrated through the Acting single cab edition for professionals that are looking with regard to one “purely residential vehicle”. Interesting is actually the new crew cab version with regard to mixed handle giving up to be able to four people to be able to be carried plus tools and resources. For the highest physical uses, the E-Locker digital locking differential comes to help handle slippery terrain. All of these features permit this to keep up with larger answer trucks but to the added worth on lower cost, running costs and fuel intake.

Just like the currently serving model, the Fiat Strada facelift will be marketed in three trim lines Working, Trekking and Adventure. 1.6 litre and the 1.8 litre E.TorQ flex fuel motors make up the engine options. Speculations of the 1.4 litre flex fuel engine that is used by the Uno and the Palio, launching on the Strada are also rife.

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2014 Fiat Strada Interior 2014 Fiat Strada Review and Price

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