New Toyota Celica GTS Review and Price

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New Toyota Celica GTS – This is the latest information about the New Toyota Celica GTS release date, interior, exterior, price, and engine. Luxury cars are reaching new heights in terms of elegance, has elegant shape, quality, and performance of the car is very suitable for driving. This year, Toyota brand has issued a new car. That’s why will provide the most accurate information about the New Toyota Celica GTS.

Toyota Celica GTS New Toyota Celica GTS Review and Price

Few cars can claim to have made it through 35 consecutive years on the scene, but the Toyota Celica was such a survivor. Between its birth under Nixon and its death under Dubya, the Celica underwent several changes to powertrains, competitors and buyer demographics but never wavered from its mission as Toyota’s entry-level sport coupe.

Arriving fresh on America’s shores in groovy 1971, the earliest Celica was mostly memorable for having rear-wheel drive — a tradition that lasted three generations. A major design shift came when the fourth-generation Celica adapted front-wheel-drive, Camry-based engineering in the mid-’80s. Toyota diversified the Celica even further in the ’90s by releasing it in coupe, convertible and hatchback body styles.

Driving enthusiasts complained that these Celicas weren’t very sporty, however, so Toyota tried a different approach for the new millennium by introducing a far racier machine. This most recent Toyota Celica restored some bang-for-the-buck to the Celica line, but the appeal of this high-strung, stiffly tuned sport coupe was limited. Ultimately, the company decided to take a different tack in this segment by replacing the Celica with the less athletic Scion tC, whose more relaxed nature, roomier cabin and high feature content are more in line with mainstream automotive tastes.

Toyota Celica GTS Engine New Toyota Celica GTS Review and Price

New Toyota Celica GTS Price

All New Toyota Celica is a low cost sports car that is being working on jointly by Subaru and Toyota. The Toyota version is not confirmed for the U.S. market, but it is expected by industry experts to make its debut in 2013 for under $20,000.

All New Toyota Celica Release Date: The production of the car is most likely to start in late 2011. The car is most likely to be launched first in Japan then US. The US versions for 2013 Toyota Celica is likely to arrive early in 2012.

All New Toyota Celica Prices: The prices for 2013 model of Toyota Celica is most likely to be around $17,000 – $20,000.

Toyota Celica GTS Interior New Toyota Celica GTS Review and Price

New Toyota Celica GTS Engine

Toyota already has ties with Subaru’s parent company, Fuji Heavy Industries. Toyota holds a 8.7% stake in the company, and Subaru already builds Camry’s for Toyota at its Lafayette, Indiana facility. It is rumored that Toyota is planning to double its stake in Fuji so that Toyota can gain access to Subaru’s engine and all-wheel drive technology.

The All New Toyota Celica is rumored to be a sloped-roof hatchback. It will probably be set-up as a four-passenger vehicle with a tight rear seat package. It is not clear which engine will be used for the new Celica. Some reports suggest the 1.5L Impreza engine will be used, while others think the Celica will come with a larger 2.0L or 2.5L engine. Subaru’s 2.5L engine is already certified to U.S. emissions requirements, so this second rumor does have some weight to it.

The newest All New Toyota Celica options a one.8-liter double overhead cam (DOHC) 16-valve 4-cylinder in conjunction with Variable Valve Timing Intelligence (VVT-I) engine. Then, for the protection options, it’s supplied with front passenger and front-seat mounted side-impact air baggage tends to be Supplemental Restraint Systems (SRS). The driver and front passenger air baggage are created to fulfill the intense frontal crash and also the side-impact air baggage to fulfill serious side-impact accidents. However, within the different accidents, air baggage appear possible to not helpful.

New Toyota Celica GTS Powertrain

It is expected that no matter which base engine does finally go into the Celica that it will deliver 170 to 175 horsepower. Also, the entire vehicle will have a weight target of 2,425 pounds to help improve the engine’s performance and keep the fuel usage down. The base engine will likely be coupled with a six-speed manual and an optional automatic transmission. There is also talk of a premium turbocharged engine in the plans that will deliver 300 horsepower.

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Toyota Celica GTS Rear VIew New Toyota Celica GTS Review and Price

Toyota Celica GTS Side View New Toyota Celica GTS Review and Price

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